ICT30118 Cert 3 IDMT Unit Package

Cert 3 ICT30118 Information, Digital Media and Technology

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The ICT30118 Unit Package contains all the core units and selected elective units required for this qualification. The list of the units can be viewed by clicking on the link 'Units Addressed'.

The Unit-by-Unit resources are developed to align exactly with the endorsed training package Units of Competencies.

The Passing Lane Unit-by-Unit resource packages come with two manuals:

Student/Trainee Manuals
Teacher/Trainer Manuals

Elements and Performance Criteria addressed individually in each manual with no clustering of content.

The Passing Lane Unit-by-Unit resources require no mapping.

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The licence period is for 3 years and during this 3 year period if there are any changes to the framework codes or units, the materials are updated and provided to our customers for free. The licence renewal fee for an additional 3 years is a fraction of the original licence fee.

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Units Addressed (Click to View)

  • BSBEBU401 Review and maintain a website
  • BSBSUS401 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • BSBWHS304 Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultation processes
  • CUAANM302 Create 3D digital animations
  • ICTGAM301 Apply simple modelling techniques
  • ICTGAM302 Design and apply simple textures to digital art
  • ICTGAM303 Review and apply the principles of animation
  • ICTICT202 Work and communicate effectively in an ICT environment
  • ICTICT203 Operate application software packages
  • ICTICT301 Create user documentation
  • ICTICT302 Install and optimise operating system software
  • ICTICT303 Connect internal hardware components
  • ICTICT304 Implement system software changes
  • ICTICT305 Identify and use current industry specific technologies
  • ICTICT307 Customise packaged software applications for clients
  • ICTICT308 Use advanced features of computer applications
  • ICTNWK302 Determine and action network problems
  • ICTNWK304 Administer network peripherals
  • ICTNWK305 Install and manage network protocols
  • ICTSAS303 Care for computer hardware
  • ICTSAS305 Provide ICT advice to clients
  • ICTSAS306 Maintain equipment and software
  • ICTSAS307 Install, configure and secure a small office or home office network
  • ICTSAS308 Run standard diagnostic tests
  • ICTWEB201 Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement
  • ICTWEB302 Build simple websites using commercial programs
  • ICTWEB303 Produce digital images for the web