Do you have a question? Maybe we can answer it here.

Following are some of the more common questions asked by customers.

If your question is not here, do not hesitate to call Passing Lane on 1 300 64 98 63 or use our ‘Contact Page’.

I have visited your website and it seems very slow and even freezes at times. Is it my computer or are you having problems with the website?

The Passing Lane website is an online resources store and as such has built in security features that some older browsers have difficulty getting through. If you update your browser to the latest version the slow and freezing issues will disappear. The updates are free and take only a few moments to perform.

What is included in the Passing Lane Unit-by-Unit packages?

Each written resource package includes Student Manuals and Teacher Manuals.

Why should we use your resources?

There are many reasons and some would include the affordability of the products, flexibility of the licences, they are current and up to date and the content is of high quality.

Who uses your products?

There are several hundred of schools, TAFEs and RTOs that use the Passing Lane products including distance education centres, correctional institutions, employment service providers, universities, charity support groups, just to name a few.

What makes your product different from the others?

We pride ourselves in offering quality vocational education and training resources that are affordable and have licencing flexibility. The resources written to align exacly with the Unit of Competency so there is no need for mapping.

Can we get preview copies of any of your products?

Due to copyright restriction issues, we are unable to provide full copies of any of our products for preview.

We have samples of the products on our website. We can provide specific samples in certain cases if required. There are however incomplete documents and only to be used to make an informed purchase decision.

If I buy your resources how soon can I get them?

Once your payment (credit card or 30 day account) has been approved, the materials are accessible immediately. This is through our download facility.

Do your written materials include unit mapping?

The Unit-by-Unit format does not require mapping. Each heading in the manuals are titled the same as the Unit's Element and each subsection in the sections are titled the same as the Unit's Performance Criteria.

Do your written resource packages include any assessment tools?

No. Due to the new 'training standards',  the RTOs, TAFEs and schools are now required to develop their own learning plans and assessment tools. However, our 'Learning Activities' that are included in our manuals are often used as part of the assessment tools used by RTOs, TAFEs and schools.

I have looked at the written resources you have on offer on your website and it shows resource packages that include 2 or 3 qualification levels. For example you offer Business Cert 1, 2 and 3 written resource package. Is the price for each Certificate level or for all three?

The price is for the complete resource package that includes all the Certificate levels. So using your example, the price quoted would be for the resource package for Business Cert 1, 2 and 3 inclusive.

Can I buy any materials that address specific units from your company?

Yes. In fact if there is a unit that is not listed on our website, give us a call. We may be able to develop the unit for you.

Are the written resources up to date with the current accredited framework?

Passing Lane continually reviews the training frameworks for any changes. The resources are then up dated within the transition period.

We have just purchased Passing Lane resources and there has been a change to the framework codes and some units. Do we need to buy a new resource package?

If your school, TAFE or RTO has a Passing Lane resource package with a current licence, all updates are made and provided to your school, TAFE or RTO for free.

However, this is only for minor code changes. Any major training framework changes attract a small upgrade fee.

You mention on your website and in your advertising materials about a unlimited licence. How long is this licence term and what does unlimited mean?

The licence term is for 3 years. Unlimited means that any school, TAFE or RTO can use the materials for as many students as they want in any form (printed of online) during the 3 year period. 

Our website outlines in further detail the terms and conditions of the licence.

If I buy Passing Lane resources and make copies of those materials, I am exposed to paying statutory reproduction licence fees to the Copyright Agency?

No, as long as your Passing Lane licence is current, you are not required to pay reproduction fees.

My Passing Lane licence will be expiring soon. What do I do?

Passing Lane will inform you that your licence is expiring in a few months and suggest to you that you renew the licence. Generally the renewal fee is 30% of the original fee paid and the licence is then renewed for additional 3 years. There is no obligation to renew the licence after it has expired. 

I have Passing Lane written materials and would like to add our logo on to the materials. Is this allowed?

Yes. The only stipulation is that the information and logo about Passing Lane remains on the materials.

I have Passing Lane written materials and would like to add some additional content to the materials. Is this allowed?

Yes. The content can be modified or manipulated. The Passing Lane logos and copyright statements must remain on the materials. The photos and graphics must not be changed, however they can be removed or replace with your own.

Can I use the Passing Lane resources for self-paced delivery?

Yes, they have been designed to be used on an online environment or in a classroom delivery environment. The materials along with the flexibility of our licencing terms allow numerous delivery options including self-paced delivery.

I have Passing Lane resources. Can I place the resources our school website or our learning platform?

Yes. The website and/or the learning platform however must be secure and not available for view by the general public.

I am a school district VET coordinator for numerous government schools. Can I negotiated a broad school district licence arrangement with Passing Lane that results in reduce licence fees?

Yes. We have several such arrangements in place that does have the benefit of reduced licence fees. If you have an interest in such arrangements give us a call on 1 300 64 98 63.

I went to your website and noticed a section on Small Business. Is this for schools or for small business owners?

It has been written for the small business owner, however many TAFES and RTOs have purchased the books for reference materials in courses dealing with business.

Does your company write commissioned materials for RTOs?

We have at times written resources for RTOs for their own use. The agreement to write materials depends on our own development schedule and availability of Passing Lane developers. Should your RTO, school or TAFE require resources to be written, please give us a call on 1 300 64 98 63 to discuss.

Do you use outside writers to help develop your products?

We do use outside writers, especially trainers currently in the industry, teachers and those that have retired and are looking to make some passive income. If you want to write content for Passing Lane feel free to contact Passing Lane via our ‘Contact Page’ and include a brief overview of your experience.

We have materials that we are looking to put onto the market. Would Passing Lane be interested in marketing our materials?

Passing Lane often enters into marketing and distribution arrangements with content developers including written materials, multimedia resources and video content. If you have products you wish to market feel free to contact Passing Lane via our ‘Contact Page’ and include a brief overview of the products.