Live Production and Technical Services Cert 3 CUA30420 Unit Package

Live Production and Technical Services Cert 3 CUA30420

Unit-by-Unit Resource with PowerPoint Presentations


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The Live Production and Technical Services Cert 3 CUA30420 contains all the core units and selected elective units required for this qualification. The list of the units can be viewed by clicking on the link 'Units Addressed'.

The Unit-by-Unit resources are developed to align exactly with the endorsed training package Units of Competencies.

The Passing Lane Unit-by-Unit resource packages come with two manuals:

Student/Trainee Manuals
Teacher/Trainer Manuals

Elements and Performance Criteria addressed individually in each manual with no clustering of content. The Passing Lane Unit-by-Unit resources require no mapping.

The package also includes PowerPoint slide presentations aligned with each Student Manual.

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The Passing Lane written materials licence allows schools, TAFEs and RTOs to use the materials without any restrictions as to the number of students, no restrictions as to the number of prints made of the materials and no restrictions on loading the materials on to secure networks or LMSs for unlimited student access.

The licence period is for 3 years and during this 3 year period if there are minor changes to the framework codes or units, the materials are updated and provided to our customers for free. The licence renewal fee for an additional 3 years is a fraction of the original licence fee.

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Units Addressed (Click to View)

  • BSBCRT311 Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment
  • BSBPEF202 Plan and apply time management
  • BSBPEF301 Organise personal work priorities
  • BSBTWK301 Use inclusive work practices
  • CUAACD201 Develop drawing skills to communicate ideas
  • CUACAM211 Assist with basic camera shoots
  • CUACMP311 Implement copyright arrangements
  • CUACOS304 Develop and apply knowledge of costume
  • CUADES201 Follow a design process
  • CUADIG311 Prepare video assets
  • CUAIND311 Work effectively in the creative arts industry
  • CUAIND314 Plan a career in the creative arts industry
  • CUALGT211 Develop basic lighting skills
  • CUALGT311 Operate basic lighting
  • CUALGT314 Install and operate follow spots
  • CUAPPR314 Participate in collaborative creative projects
  • CUAPRP201 Develop basic prop construction skills
  • CUAPRP311 Repair, maintain and alter props
  • CUASMT311 Work effectively backstage during performances
  • CUASOU211 Develop basic audio skills and knowledge
  • CUASOU212 Perform basic sound editing
  • CUASOU304 Prepare audio assets
  • CUASOU306 Operate sound reinforcement systems
  • CUASOU331 Undertake live audio operations
  • CUASTA211 Develop basic staging skills
  • CUASTA212 Assist with bump in and bump out of shows
  • CUASTA311 Assist with production operations for live performances
  • CUAVSS312 Operate vision systems
  • CUAWHS312 Apply work health and safety practices
  • ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools